Team Setup: Dependencies shared between teams

Hi There,

Can I get some guidance on how best to setup Teams on my environment.

My environment:

I have multiple Dev Teams working on different products (Web & Mobile) and each team would need to be able to deploy their respective products independently.

My approach:

  • Create Teams as per the article : Create an IT Team
  • Assign users to the team
  • Assign applications (including dependencies) to the team


  • Dependencies like Silk UI Web could be shared between teams, but once and an application is assigned to one team I cannot assign it to another team.

How should I deal with these dependencies ?




Hi Nomusa,

The solution here is to create a separate team that will hold all these shared applications,  then add all the users and shared applications to this team and assign everyone the appropriate role. That should do the trick




Hi Nomusa,

For your requirements, my first take would be to make sure that shared dependencies are assigned to a team that has all the members of all the involved teams?

Ah of course! -Thanks for your response guys :)