Outsystem database design


What is the best way to design the database. 

  • Environment (On premise environment,  Java & Oracle stack)
  • We are having 4 modules all modules entity are same but one module having one additional entity.
  • so we planned to create one application with 1 module contains all 4 entities. and the additional entity specific one module, we want create in another Application in different module.  
  • OutSystems will create all the entities in same schema?
  • is this approach is correct way to do? or is there any better way of implementation. 

Hi Dadi Rama, 

Outsystems support multiple schema or Database Catalogs

Since you are running on premise version of Outsystems, you have the possibilities to create multiple schema and choose what schema your module should be deployed to besides the (Main) schema. 

In the case you have not configured multiple schema all the entities will be created on the same schema (Main)

You can add new schema Administration>Database Catalogs > Configure New Catalog

Regarding the question about architecture, i suggest reading The 4 Layer Canvas, its a good place to start.