I'm using the List_BulkSelect widget and there is a use case where I want to use the widget to select/deselect checkboxes across multiple lists.

Is there a way to do this?

My current line of thinking is to hook into the click on the widgets checkbox to trigger a click on a second widget (linked to the second list).

Is this the best approach? Can anybody suggest anything else?


Hi Kieran,

You could also extend the stock List_BulkSelect and make your own version of it.

The required change would be on the TableRecordsWidgetId part, you'd need to allow multiple Ids to be specified and change the web block's (JavaScript property of the web block itself) logic to apply to all specified tables instead of just one (I suggest you check how it is currently working with multiple links to enable and disable them and apply the same idea to the tables it works on).