stuck in tutorial "SILK UI Exercise"

Hi everyone~

I stuck in the tutorial which is "SILK UI Exercise". Page 11, step v.

I have no idea how to "pass the appropriate Input to the GetOrdersByStatus" . Could anyone explain it and show me the step/Expression? 

Also, I'm not familiar with "input/output Parameter" and "Filters"(inside the Aggregate) , can you suggest what website should I study in order to get more understand on the area. 

Thank You   

Thank You   

Hi Jack,

On this step you are building the counters to display total of orders, number of orders closed and number of orders canceled. So on the label when you are using the function GetOrdersByStatus() in this case you need to pass the close status id. Since OrderStatus is a static entity you cal directly pass this id using Entities.OrderStatus.Closed as input.

Your label should be something like GetOrdersByStatus(Entities.OrderStatus.Closed).

Regarding inputs/output parameters and filters on aggregates you can check platform documentation for example on the following links:

Hope it helps.