stuck in tutorial "SILK UI Exercise" , page 17, step J

Hi everyone~

I stuck in the tutorial which is "SILK UI Exercise". Page 17, step J.

How to "Bind the GetOrders Aggregate to the Table Records" ?

There is a NOTE said "Aggregate was automatically updated to include the Customer and OrderStatus Entities" , buy there is no automatically update in my aggregate....

Did I miss some thing on this step? Also, can anyone explain why aggregate will automaticlly update entities.



Hi Jack,

The step "Bind the GetOrders Aggregate to the Table Records" means that you have to fill the TableRecords' "Source Record List" property with GetOrders.List:

The NOTE means that when you drag the entity Order to that TableRecords, since the Order entity has two attributes that are of type Entity Identifiers and those attributes will be shown in the table, the Aggregate GetOrders, from which you are getting the records to fill the table, will be updated such that in the table it will be shown the Name of the Customer and the Label of the Status instead of its Identifiers. And to show that Name and Label you need, in the aggregate, to do a join with those Entities.

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