Hello guys,

I'm struggling with one App registered on the (Google and Apple) App Stores, and wanting to publish several streams of development (one per country - different business): PT, US, etc...

I didn't find any documentation with best practice for this, but I see two choices:

Build one App that adapts to the Localization and changes de business logic and data (In my opinion this is a overhead in dev);
Build several App and have something that allows them to be encapsulated in the same Application in Service Studio.

Any advices or links please? I would be very appreciate because it's refactor time and we are now splitting by locale.

I didn't see anything that allows multi binary upload to a store.
I think there must be a well hidden guide for this "uber like" behaviour.


Hello Miguel,

There are the possibility to create "multi-binary packages" for google play, for example. But they are not really multi-binaries, but a stack of apk under the same description. 

But it's not possible to do use it the way you want, because this feature is not intended to deal with location, but with hardware characteristics: https://developer.android.com/google/play/publishing/multiple-apks.html

So, the only way I see for you is to deal with this "application side".

While the Multi-language features are not yet available in Mobile, there are at least one component in forge that helps you do this in mobile, so the part of "localization" probably is a minor issue (the translation you should do anyway). 

If there is no need to translate, but only a requirement to some locale settings (like currency, date, etc), you can make a "preferences" module that is generic and stores the information locally in the device.

Regarding business logic, you will need to code it anyway, so, you can make a wrapper that call the correct logic depending on the settings.

Or, you do an app by country, that share the common modules. But than you will have to generate the apk for each one of them. 

I think there is no other way around.
If there is, I am also interested on it :)

Eduardo Jauch

Hello Eduardo,

Thank you by your time on this.

I see that the best and cleaner option is: "Regarding business logic, you will need to code it anyway, so, you can make a wrapper that call the correct logic depending on the settings."

Since we already implemented translation on Mobile with our own setup, is a question of a big refactor over the wrappers that triggers it and also the correcto business logic.

I just don't want to have App US, App PT, APP BR, etc... It's not clean and if the stores don't have the one binary per local store, it's impossible to maintain.

Any more ideas guys?

Thanks again.
Miguel Saraiva Sampaio