How to change only the midle block of a web page?

Mantaining the top part and the bottom part of a web page, what is the best way to change only the middle part, along the entire web flow?
Dear João,

If I understand your question correctly, you want to know what is the suggested way to produce an application with a consistent look between the pages i.e. with some sort of universal header or footer (or both).

The best way to do this is using Web Blocks (or Mobile Web Blocks in the case of Mobile flows). Web Blocks are essentially screen fragments. While they cannot be used as standalone pages, they can be dragged and dropped (as if they were widgets) into as many Web Screens as needed, expanding their visual content there.

Using this functionality, you should then create "Header" and "Footer" Web Blocks (as may be required). Then, every time you create a new screen, start by drag and dropping the required blocks to your (new) page and work from there. In this case, you would then create the "middle" content you mentioned in your post.

For more information regarding the uses and power of Web Blocks, please refer to the Service Studio documentation. May I suggest that you search for "Reuse screens" in the Help file and start from there.

Best regards,