Using OutSysmtems Labs and OutSystems R&D Components


We are currently checking out forge and found out that some components are already created by OutSystems Labs and OutSystems R&D and a couple of clicks, we get the chance to include it in our system/applications.

Thus, we got some questions which I find it tricky when looking for it this community forum.
1. The OutSystems Labs and OutSystems R&D, are both created by OutSystems?
2. If yes, how will these components affect the costing if we are going to use them in our solution?

John Guiller

HI jgab,

Yes, those components are created by OutSystems employees, but they are not "supported" in a way that the Platform itself is supported, i.e. if you have a support contract those components are not part of it. Like all Forge components, the components itself are free, but they count as Software Units / Application Objects.