This a bit of a challenge, but i need to open and edit a PDF document, does servicestudio provides any tool to do so?

If not, can a object (criated with .NET) to edit a PDF, be easily inserted in my project?
Hi João,
OutSystems Hub Edition has the concept of external component that we call Extensions. With extensions you can extend Hub Edition, expose in Service Studio (SS) your home made components and use them in the same way you use a SS built in feature.

Here is a link to a .net component that you can use inside an extension to work with PDF files:

If you are using Crystal Reports i can send you a sample extension that generates PDFs from crystal reports.

Here is a sample how to create pdf files using .net and crystal reports .dlls that came with Visual Studio.

You can also use the fdf toolkit freely available at adobe.com to populate pdf form fields, however these forms must be create with pdf writer.

Hope this helps.
Best Regards,
Rodrigo Catarino