Button group value changes when pressing Enter. With solution!!!

Button group value changes when pressing Enter. With solution!!!


I have a very simple screen bases on a query on a local table Person with 3 fields (Firstname, Surname and Gender) The values of the Gender come from a static entity with 2 values Male and Female.

 The form is showing the firstname and surname of the person in Input-fields

The gender is shown in a button-group with 2 options: Male and Female.

Both input fields have a Save action attached to the onblur-event. This action just saves the Person, nothing else. This same action is called from the OnChange of the button-group. 

Important: There is no "Save" button (our sales force does not want this)

The problem:

When I chose Female (the second option), then go to one of the input-fields and press "Enter" the option Male is automatically chosen and the persons Gender is updated.. This is unexpected and undesired behaviour.

----- 1 hour later ---

After some searching and tyring I found a solution. 

The buttons in the button-group have no type specified.  By default the type is probably "submit"

When I press "Enter" the first button in the form is selected and a submit is performed.

Adding the attribute "type" with value "button" solves it, No changes in the button-group and database.

Question for Outsystems:

Shouldn't it be better to render type="button" for buttons in a button-group by default.

It is very unlikely that they are used as submit buttons.



Hi Gert-Jan

Please submit this as idea to be reviewed by Outsystems team.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade


ok, I wil