Need to export different block from web page to excel in different sheet

Hi everyone,

My requirement is I have a web page having different blocks these blocks are rendering dynamically as per logic and i need to export to excel of each block in separate sheet in excel with exact how looking in web page.

Please help me if anyone faced this type situation.



Hello Sahshi,

What do you mean by "exactly how looking in web page"?
In any case, using the default ListToExcel action is not possible to create multi-sheet excel files.

You will need to use one of the components available in Forge, like the advanced excel component.
I'm not sure, but by the name, I think this component is an application you can install to learn how to use the component.

Hope this helps.

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Sahshi,

Eduardo's question is important: how "exactly" is this supposed to look like? In general, it is possible with the right Forge component to style your Excel, so at least you can use the proper colours etc. Of course a web page is not a spreadsheet, so completely "exactly" is not going to work.