NullTextIdentifier value ignored during JSON Rest Update

I'm having trouble with the following scenario:

I'm trying to update an order in EcWid platform (e-Commerce platform) using a Rest update procedure. The structure of the request is pretty complex. When I try to update an order with for instance attribute 'phone-number' (definition as string) with an actual number like '+187839234' the update executes just fine. When I empty the phone-number in my form and update I can see in the sending structure a correct string-value of "" (phone-number="") but the attribute does not get updated.

Somehow it seems that the phone-number attribute, since it has an empty string value, is not (properly) sent in the update-statement by Outsystems. I've asked the helpdesk of EcWid and they verified it is working on their end, even sent me a video proofing it's working correctly. They suggested that somehow in Outsystems the translation of the JSON-structure for the update-statement might miss the attributes with an empty value, hence not sending a new (empty) value to the EcWid platform.

Hope someone can explain this and hopefully there is a workaround,

thanks in advance,



Hi Rikki,

For REST Web Service methods' Input Parameters and any Attribute of a Structure defined by the Web Service you're consuming, you have an option whether it should send the parameter if it has its default value or not (it's called Send Default Value). Can you check what value you have set there?


Hi Jorge,

Thanks for your quick reply. That did the trick!