We created an App for Mobile Devices on OS, and use Outsystems Now to test the App. Everything works perfectly on IOS, but does not run smoothly on  Android devices.

On Android devices the App hangs up (stops working) for no apparent reason at all.

Did any of you encounter the same problem, and if so, did you manage to solve it?

We are using different Android mobile phones, and have the same issue on them. Sometimes the App works, and sometimes it hangs up.

Example of Android device used: Samsung J5 Prime.

We would appreciate any help.

Best Regards



First thing I noticed is that you are on 10.0.200, since then there are already 8 releases.

It could be a bug that could be fixed in one of those 8 releases...

Next, since you mention "sometimes" it could be a wrongly installed certificate. I am not sure of the details, but you really have to have a proper certificates installed on the servers, not just the certificate it self, but the whole chain of certificates.

Hi J. 

I've a problem that is similar to the above one, The Issue is that I've created an app that the Screen's alignment is perfect in Android devices but not for the iOS device. Could you pls guide me on this..