Error importing foreign entities

I’m having problems importing foreign entities. When I import the Entity definition it gives me the following message “Error: Input string was not in a correct format”. I’m using the script that I exported from the other service center.
I began to develop in service center 2 then upgrade to (both development and production). It creates only the first field that it’s Text, but in the second field (Date Time) it gives the previous error.
Could it be, for example, different database definitions?

Best regard,
Paulo Pereira
Hi Paulo,
this problem happens with some entity definitions in old versions of Hub Server. In the two versions currently supported, version 2.2 and 3.0, this no longer happens.

We recommend as best practice that customers install the latest revisions as well as perform upgrades to the latest versions whenever possible as this guarantees the latest fixes are installed and new features bring added value to the customer. In those few occasions when after an upgrade problems came up please don't hesitate to contact OutSystems Technical Support ( and we'll be glad to help solve the problem as effortlessly as possible.

Best regards,
Marco Cunha
Hi all,

When I try to import entities through the import wizzard, on the step where you connect to other servers, I got a "Error retrieveng databases: Could not find server XXXXX" message for every database server I tried to use (SQL Server and Oracle), connecting by name or IP, apart from localhost.

I then tried to follow the integration studio example about importing forreign entities, I got an "Access denied" error on the publishing step of 1-click publish action. I chose the localhost database (has I have no access to other servers) and have access to the database with the Hub Server run-time user.

If anyone has a solution for these problems, I would greatly appreciate it.