Mobile application goes into refresh loop with a message "Local storage was updated"

We have this situation in the mobile application: when navigating from the home screen to another screen (there is a navigate button) that another screen starts frequently refreshing, it's showing a message "Your application local storage has been updated to the latest version", after which it seems to be reload the same screen, then showing this message again, and over and over again the same.

There are several strange things about this behaviour:

1. This happens on test environment, but not on dev, we never saw it on dev.

2. This started happening recently and continues after the second deployment to test, while there were not even serious changes in the screen.

3. The screen itself is quite simple, it has almost no logic in initialization, no access to local storage, just one small javascript. In fact the home screen is much more complicated, and there are other screens much more complicated, but this happens only with this one.

I tried to find some clue but in vain. I tried to remove all initialization events - this didn't help. I tried to find something in JS console, but there are no messages.I have added logs to see the steps, but they just shown me what I already knew - initialization events happen in normal order and nothing else. I tried cleaning local storage and resinstalling application on mobile - no result. I also tried changing package name (but we shouldn't do this because we use BlinkId license bound to it), even to the name we have never used, so that for Android it should look like completely new application - didn't work.

Even if I generate a new application, install it on the device where it was not present - it shows me this! I mean why would it even update anything if this is the latest version already? I have also noticed that first it shows this message on login screen, but then again in that screen where it causes problem, after it should have already been refreshed.

So what I want to find out is how this "local storage has been updated" is built? Why does it refereshes the screen, why that screen, what triggers it, and is there any loop possibility? This looks like environment dependant, so is there something that should be done with environment?

Hi Igor,

Can you please share sample oml so that someone can have a look at it?

Suraj Borade wrote:

Hi Igor,

Can you please share sample oml so that someone can have a look at it?

Hi. Actually the problem was solved after I have deleted the application on test and redeployed it again. I don't think this was related to espace in any way, at least not to our code.