field with mask unabel to open numeric pad on tablet


I posted this question before relating to phone numbers.

However I now have the same problem for normal numbers.

I am using a mask on a text field (as far as I know the field has to be of type text in order for the mask to work). The field however is for input of bank numbers which can have one or more leading zero's.

Problem is: if I set it to type of number (in order to pop up the numeric pad on a tablet) the user can enter more than the required numbers and the leading zero's are removed as he/she enters the numbers.Iif I have a very specific mask than that makes it even more impossible to get it to work (the mask does not work on a field of type number)

How can I have a field allowing numbers starting with zero's and have the tablet pop up the numeric pad as well without effecting the input (like removing zero's).

Hi Edwin,

I'm not sure you can. The problem is that when setting an input to number, it's the browser that does a lot of the "magic".