Beautified Calendar Web Block

Beautified Calendar Web Block

Hi folks :)

I've beautified a little the calendar web block that some of you use.

I think it would be better, in the future, to develop this kind of stuff as extensions rather then web blocks because it's easier to re-use on a multiple eSpace project. The extension would then produce all necessary code to be included on a page, based on the same parameters that the web block receive nowadays.


The oml is in attach.


João César
Hi João,

Congratulations for the calendar. It is really good.
OutSystems HubEdition 3.1 to be released in the end of May will be able to add/remove references to web blocks composed in other espaces.
This way you won't have to use extensions to code your widgets.

Lúcio Ferrão
Hi João,

thank you very much for the calendar.
I found a little bug in the calendar javascript that prevented the web pages from working properly when they had more javascript.
The attached version already corrects this.

Best regards,

Cláudia Macedo