scaffolding one to one relation screen


How do I create a detail (data entry) screen for a one to one relation entity. Scaffolding (the second drag of the entity to the flow canvas gives an error that the entity does not have an identifier attribute.

Regards, Harry



Hello Harry,

From the top of my head (and from the message), I would say that your entity does not have an identifier attribute. :)

You see, the relationship 1:1 is done changing the Identifier's type of the secont entity to be of type First Entity Identifier. But it must be an identifier.

If you look to your second entity (the one with the FK FirstEntityId), it must be "red", to show that it is also an identifier.

If it is not (like above), you must select this attribute, right click to open the context menu and than click "Set as identifier".

Then the scaffolding will work :)

Eduardo Jauch


Thanks Eduardo,

Set as Identifier did the trick!

Regards, Harry