Is there a way to change a Timer Schedule without opening the OML file and republishing it?

thanks in advance

Gonçalo Almeida
Hi Gonçalo,

You can dynamically set the schedule of a timer by assigning new values to its Schedule runtime property. This runtime property is of type text and has the following syntax:
<Time | List of Times><blank space> followed by:
  • Nothing – this timer is awaked on a daily basis;
  • List of weekdays separated by a blank space (e.g. Mon Fri)
  • A number between 1 and 31 – representing a day of the month
  • One of [1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, last] and the day of week (e.g. 2nd Tue)

Following these rules you could, for instance, schedule a timer to run every Friday of the month at 12h00: “12:00 Fri”.
The attached eSpace shows how you can do this.

Please refer to the chapter “Timer run-time properties” of the OutSystems Service Studio help.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Cláudia Macedo
Thanks Claudia.

Using the runtime property of the timer is exactly what I need.
I have a suggestion for a future release. Could it be possible to configure the schedule in ServiceCenter in the same place where you configure the "Efective timeout"?


Hi Gonçalo,

to change a timer schedule in runtime you just have to assign the <timer>.Schedule runtime property a new value with an assign node in your espace code. Please refer to the "Timer runtime properties" in Service Studio help for more information.

Lúcio Ferrão
Didn't saw you already had an answer.

Anyway, your requirement to change the timer schedule in service center was accepted as issue #13745.

Thanks for your feedback.