Is it possible for select widget to receive decimal values? And if it's not, is there any other way around to solve this?

Thanks :)
Dear Miguel,

A Select Widget can, indeed, receive decimal values if you use the “Custom Record List” to fill in suitable values.

As an example, assume you have a Record List called DecimalRL with all the decimals you want to show as options in the Select. This Record List can be made up of a single Structure (let’s call it DecimalStruct) with a single attribute (called value, and of type Decimal).

You also want to have a variable (possibly a Screen Variable) of Decimal type (called SelectedDecimal for example) that will pre-load the Select with the initial value on rendering AND receive the selected result when you submit the screen.

On the Select, you should fill in the following properties as:

“Variable”: SelectedDecimal
“Custom Record List”: DecimalRL
“Source Entity/Structure”: DecimalStruct
“Source Attribute”: value

On submit (via a Button or Link widget), SelectedDecimal will hold the desired value.

Producing the initial DecimalRL is, of course, heavily application-depended: you may have a query that fetches these values from the DB or you can construct the Record List “by hand” by using the ListAppend built-in function. Please check the Service Studio help for more information on this function, as well as the mechanics mentioned above.

Hope this helps.