Table Easy Row Link w/ Hover

Hi :)

This is a example of making links in a table row with a highlight effect on mouseover.

It's very simple to apply on new tables, just give the table an Id and call a javascript function for that table id, specifying the highlight style class. You must also have a link in any of the row cells.

The example is documented with usage instructions.

Test here:

Hi João,

Any change you can update this to a more recent version?
I would need this functionality for a tablet select.

I am not sure what you want to achieve?

The thread is over 7 years old and since then OutSystems has been improved a LOT :)
I'm aware of that :)

But i haven't found anything native to achieve this functionality.
If it is just javascript, the code will remain the same.
native you should achieve it with css

a:hover should do the trick

But as far as I know the standard themes of Outsystems already have that in place.
it will become yellow I believe.
just change the style and you are done
We've created a widget that will enable you to click / doubleclick a table row to open a popup and edit the doubleclicked record.
It's basically a triggered event on the row column that clicks a hidden edit button.

This is functionality I'd expect as a default in the platform.