Increase Development Productivity

A sugestion for increasing dev productivity:

Use Case:
Replicate something like:

y = sqrt ( exp ( sin (x ) ) )

in Outsystems will require to:
a) invoke ( put in the dev studio ) 3 user actions
b) change all input and output parameters so that the first output is the second input, the second output is the third input and so on.

1) Dev studio should be inteligent enough to undersstand that if I drag (create a link) between two user actions and:
a) the source user actions has a single output parameter
b) the target user actions has a single parameter
then dev studio could automatically fill in the input parameter in the target user action.
2) Create a shortcut (like crtl+draging a source user action to a target) so that it will fillin automatically the target input parameter with the output variable. If multiple output variable, input variables are available, a pop to make the math would be a good idea.

Of course, one should always have the possibility of changing thein out parameter of the target user action by hand.

hope this helps.

Hi Gonçalo,

thanks for the suggestion but I hope the productivity issue that you describe will be solved with the addition of user defined functions.
With user defined functions you can simply write "sqrt ( exp ( sin (x ) ) )" in your expressions and define Sqrt, Exp and Sin either in Service Studio or in Integration Studio.
We plan to add user defined functions in the product until the end of the year, but the schedule is still subject to internal discussion

Best regards,
Lúcio Ferrão