Unable to Unblock user


We just upgrade to version 10. Notice there is new feature to protect against brute force attack. But somehow we have a case where user really forgot the password, tried many times and end up need to wait for 60 minute before next try. We try to unblock user following this guide, but no use. We can't find any IP address is blocked in service center


May i know what is the correct way to unblock use in this case?


If it's an applicational user, you should go to https://<your_env>/users and unblock it there. If it's a lifetime user, then you need to go to Lifetime -> User management.

Hope it helps.


hey, to add if you cant remember your password you should try this

Resetting the admin password for IT users and end users

to do it you must have access to the database or maybe need to contact an administrator,

Good luck



It is fine to unblock user in https://<your_env>/users, but not working if it is a AD authenticated user.
I have no permission to access lifetime, will update again once i get confirmation.

err, if it's an AD user, should you not unblock it in AD?

This is the weird part. Have checked with IT, the AD account is not locked.
It looks like it is blocked by outsystems.

Hi Wei,

It probably was blocked temporarily by AD and now is unblocked again.

Anyway, first of all, what type of User are we talking about? Is it a back-end Lifetime/ServiceCenter user or front-end business app? Are both integrated with AD?

On OutSystems side was the User that got blocked or an IP?

Hi Tiago,

I am still new to outsystems, can't really differentiate Lifetime/ServiceCenter user or front-end business app.
I can see the user in https://<your_env>/users, so it is front-end business app user?

I think it is user blocked, not ip since no ip is blocked in the list.

Re your assumption it was blocked temporarily by AD. But if it is true, why user still need to wait for 60 minutes. 


Hi Wei,

On <server>/Users you have the End Users of your business apps.

There have been significant changes to the authentication mechanism in the last few months. If you just upgraded to version 10, you might want to have a look on the settings you have for the Site Properties of your Users provider - go to service center and find the Users eSpace and check the Site Properties tab. Be careful with the fact that these settings can be configured per Environment (Dev, QA, Prod, etc).

The 60 minutes you refer are probably from 'InvalidLoginCheckWindowInMinutes' which by default is 60 minutes, but you have to confirm your various values for those Site Properties.

Although you have this on OutSystems side, since you are authenticating against AD you should check with IT guys what are the security policies they have in place for AD, as they might conflict.

Hope I didn't confuse you more...


Hi Tiago,

Thanks a  lot. This info is very useful.
I tried to change few setting and it works, just not sure which one is the real setting yet, need to play around with it.


Is there an action I can use on our backoffice app to unlock a multi tenant user programmatically?



Hi Steve,

You have two public actions from Users that you could reference, works for Users and IPs: User_Unblock, IPAddress_Unblock

Thankyou Tiago, I'll give it a crack:-)