Client side Scritping

Client side Scritping

The general back gorund to this query is the following:

We have a webblock that is like the (above) tabs in the forum (e.g tab A - loads sceen A, tab B - loads screen B, tab C - loads screen C ... etc).

When you click the tab button B, I want to first save all input that has been entered from the screen you are leaving (either A or C), and also move on to the screen B.

Using outsystems I must specify the destination for the button (on the tab), but before this is invoked, I want to call the screen save action behind the page that I am leaving ...

How would I achieve this ? considcering that the save action must also have a destination

Hi Declan,

in the attached OML you can find a possible solution for your problem.

There are 3 screens, used to edit 3 different simple entities.

All screens share the same navigation tab, a web block with 3 buttons.

Each tab button has specific javascript code that fills the value of a hidden input and then clicks the page Save button.

The Save action of each screen implements the desired behaviour.

Note that the name of the save button and the hidden input is the same for all screens that share the navigation tab.