Pop-up setting screen paramters

Pop-up setting screen paramters

Hi there,

Bit of background first:

At present, we create documents in sharepoint throughout various screens in our application, then, after document creation we are routed back to a 'ViewDocuments' screen. Depending on the existence (or not) of a screen variable passed into this 'ViewDocuments' screen, the screen is displayed AND the document created is opened (using a JavaScript ActiveXObject) or if no screen variable is provided, the screen is just displayed without opening the sharepoint document. (The variable holds the sharepoint path of the document to be displayed).

We now need to provide a pop-up window with 'Open' and 'Save' buttons after the creation of the documents and before the display of the 'ViewDocuments' screen. This pop-up must then populate the screen parameter (if Open is selected) to allow the document to be opened or clear the screen parameter (if Save is selected) so the document is created (saved) and not displayed.

Any ideas how I would go about doing this?

Any help would be much appreciated.

with HTML and javascript you can have several ways of creating pop-up windows with the behaviour you need. However, some of those solutions have several problems with existing browsers. They might not work with Firefox or Internet Explorer or they might be blocked by "pop-up blockers".
The solution attached to this post works in both browsers and since it makes use of the Confirm HTML object it is not blocked.

However, if you need a customized confirm window please refer to some samples available at the following page:

Hope this helps.

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