[Bootstrap Modal MessageBox] BSModal seems breaks others components

[Bootstrap Modal MessageBox] BSModal seems breaks others components

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Published on 2017-09-19 by Miguel Oliveira
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Published on 2017-09-19 by Miguel Oliveira

I tried using "Bootstrap Modal MessageBox" component from Forge, but when I place in pages, seems breaks others components.

For example, I've a page in which I'm using tooltip pattern from Silk UI. When I introduce "Bootstrap Modal MessageBox", tooltips stops working, and page shows js exception.

When I remove "Bootstrap Modal MessageBox", tooltip works fine, shows the tooltip, and no errors are shown in console

I've attached the OML file, to take a look. 

Anyone knows how fixed or some workarround to use this component? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Thx, Carlos.


Hi Carlos,

You can try the attached oml instead of the one from the Forge.

Basically, that component uses a newer version of jQuery. And thus, it breaks other widgets.

The solution (and explanation) to that is here: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/26819/integrate-plugin-for-a-recent-jquery-version/

So, what I did was to put the javascript of the Bootbox in xy expressions. This way the javascript (with the new version of jQuery) only runs after the Tooltip javascript (which uses the OutSystems jQuery).

If you need to use other OutSystems' widgets after the Bootbox, you have to insert an xy expression with:

"<script type='text/javascript'>$.noConflict(true);</script>"

as stated in the link above.

Tell me if the attached oml works for you.




I've tested it, and works exactly as you said, thx for explanation.



Hi guys,

I have already released a new version of the component with the hotfix.

Thanks Carlos for detecting the problem and José Costa for pointing to the solution.