Aggregate filters - (de)activate filters in code


Anyone know if there is a way (in visual code action) to activate/deactivate filters? Ik have an aggregate with a couple of filters.I want to build a screen where I can (de)activate certain filters based on checkbox choices (per filter). If not then it seems that the only way is to build more then one aggregate but that does not seem the way to go (with 5 filters you must build 5*5 aggregates) 

Or maybe there's another way?

Regards, Harry


Hi Harry,

If I understood you correctly, I would do something like:

  • Each checkbox is bound to a boolean variable
  • Add each boolean variable to each filter by doing something like: 
FilterVariable = True or <reminder of filter>
  • Then, you will have to refresh the aggregate and table/list to reflect the changes.




Thank you José,

did not think of that. Nice.

Regards, Harry