I developed an extension with two actions, one action is responsible for performing the Load files in one cloud and another action is responsible for performing the download of files in a cloud.

An extension was developed in Java.

When using an action that performs Download, I encounter the following error:

Does anyone know what can it be?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gabriel,

Those kinds of error usually happen when you include in the extension libraries that are already present in the application (and most common when you include a different version of the library). 

The usual fix is to try to use the same version of libraries that are included by jboss and/or the platform. Also when possible the "deployment action" of a duplicate library should be set to "Ignore" in Integration Studio.
This way the library will be there for compilation purposes, but in runtime the one already present in the application server will be used.

In particular that message mentions apache common codec. The version shipped with version 10 of the platform is common-codec 1.10.

Are you including it in your extension?

João Rosado

Hi John,

Yes, I'm including the common-codec 1.10 in my extension, the version is exactly that.

I followed the procedures you gave me, but the error still persists.

Gabriel Felipe

And what is the OutSystems version that you are using?

Also, can you check in Service Center for the error log related to that?

So we can see a complete stack trace.

version is: 10.0.613.0

Sorry, I edited my post just a sec before your reply. can you check gor the complete stack trace in the logs?

Anyway at this point my guesses (assuming the deploy action as "ignore") would be either:

- the library is still being deployed in your application due to compilations optimizations that exist in development mode. Do a quick test and clone your module (or try it in a new one) to see if the problem presists. Ill explain how you can force a full compilation in your current module if this fixes it.

- there are more libraries in your extension that are clashing. If you list what libraries you have woth deploy to binary actions I can try to give more guidance. Not sure if there is a list of versions somewhere (to tell you the above version I checked the platform/lib/ folder on one of our test servers)

Do you speak portuguese?

I do, but i would prefer if we kept the conversation in the thread in english.

Send me a private message if you want to switch to portuguese.

If you do not mind, I'll call you privately, so it's better for my understanding...
Hello John,Regarding my post we were exchanging messages now a little,
I checked the stack of logs and the following appears:

You told me to copy the module and / or create a new one to do a test,

Is this the error you are having because the libraries that are in my project conflict with the existing libraries in the outsystens eSpace?

I did a quick research with the contents of the stack trace am might have found in issue with how we are including the common-codec library in Wildfly installations.

From the stacktrace and error it seems that both versions 1.10 (the one that we ship) and 1.9 (the version that wildfly ships) are being included in the applications.

Is your installation with Jboss EAP or Wildfly?

I would suggest you to followup with a support case. (please include a link to this thread in the case)

João Rosado

My setup is with Wildfly.

I already opened a ticket in the support on 08/31/2017 and so far they have not given me any answers.

So far you have helped me and gave me more information than the support case!
I'll add the information you gave me and the link from this case to the ticket to see what they can do about it ...

Would you know how to force a complete build in your current module?

Gabriel Felipe

If the problem is in the Wildfly configuration like I suspect, it won't help to force a complete build.

I asked a colleague to confirm my findings, but we are already out of office hours, so won't get a reply till tomorrow.
Also I'm not sure of the side effects of changing the configuration at the Wildfly level, so I won't be able to recommend you a tentative fix without passing through the support channel. 

Anyway, the easiest way is to force a complete build is to create a Solution in Service Center with just your module. Then when clicking publish there is a "Full Compilations" checkbox.

João Rosado

Good Morning João

I'm going to do the tests you recommended me with regard to forcing the compilation and etc.

And I'm waiting for your colleague's return.

Thank you in advance for the help you have given me, I will be at your disposal!


Gabriel Felipe