AJAX Sample - A sample of a Ticker for reading RSSs

This AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And Xml) sample reads RSSs (Really Simple Syndication is a family of XML-based communications standards used to share contents among sites, such as news items) and displays them in a ticker format.

This example takes advantage of a JavaScript framework which encloses an AJAX library to wrap and simplify the code that is involved when writing AJAX functionalities. You can find this library at the website http://prototype.conio.net/ and an explanation on how to use it at http://www.sergiopereira.com/articles/prototype.js.html .

The attached file contains an extension to perform the calls to get the RSS xml files, RSSReader.xif; and contains the eSpace Ajax_RssFeed.oml. This sample also makes use of the EMS extension to convert Binary data to text data to retrieve to the web browser. To see more information about the application, please refer to the comments on the eSpace.

Please, feel free to use and enhance this sample at will.

Cláudia Macedo

Note: This application was developed for sample purposes. OutSystems will not give support to any issues or upgrading requests.