WordMerge extension in Windows Server 2003

WordMerge extension in Windows Server 2003

To use the WordMerge extension in an OutSystems application running on Windows Server 2003, the following configuration steps need to be executed for each Hub Node server:

1. Install Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2003 on the Server.

2. Create or select a local/domain user to execute Microsoft Word on the Server. Add user to "IIS_WPG" and "Administrators" local groups.

3. Check DCOM configuration
Login to the server with an Administrator account.
Launch de Component Services management console (dcomcnfg in a command prompt).
Edit the properties of Microsoft Word Document DCOM (Component
Services\Computers\My Computer\DCOM Config\Microsoft Word Document).
Select the Security tab.
Check that "Administrators" group is in the Launch Permissions list.

4. Initialize Microsoft Word
Login to the server with the user from step 2.
Start Microsoft Word and step trough all the initialization screens.
Exit Microsoft Word an Logoff.

5. Configure eSpace
Login to Service Center.
Configure the Run As property of the eSpace to the user from step 2.

6. Configure user rights (Optional - If you don't want the new user to log interactively to the server)
Start local security settings console (Start > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy).
Select User Rights Assignement node.
Add the user to the "Deny log on locally" and "Deny log on trough terminal services" policies.

In step 3 you also need to add the user you selected to the local Windows group named "IIS_WPG"
Configured user must belong to Administrators local group.
Instructions in the original post have been updated.

I did what Tiago said but I am getting this error: Could not launch MSWord COM.

After reviewing the post again, I saw that did not configure the IIS group in the DCOM settings.

Now, I get the following error: Command failed.

Anyone knows what this is about?


I've followed steps 1 to 5 (also adding IIS_WPG group to the Launch Permissions list (step 3) but I get the following error when I call any of the extension actions: "File or assembly name Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.DLL, or one of its dependencies, was not found.".

I've made a small test executable to try the merge operation with the same user which is configured in my eSpace "Run as" property and it succeeds, so it seems it should be something related with ASP.NET / IIS environment.

I've also visually matched bin2 folder with another server where this extension runs smoothly and saw no differences.

Any clues, anyone?

Thanks in advance!

Just to avoid some perfomance issues, it will be better to not use the option 'Installed on First Use' when then MS Office is being installed.
Paulo Garrudo.
Hi everyone,
I am trying  to use the word merge extension I was getting the error “Could not launch MSWord COM” then I executed the steps that Tiago said, and now I’m not getting that error and the document is generated, but I’m experiencing another error, see the image attached.

If someone had experienced the same error, a little help would be very usefull.
The output document is corrupted but the merges are executed sucessefuly.
Best Regards
Admilson Tavares