Open a popup from an Human Activity

Hello Guys,

Is there anyway to open a popup from an Human Activity in a process? Instead of navigating away from the page, just open the popup

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Hi Jose,

Could you please describe it in more detail.

Are you looking for opening a popup from a page to perform an operation and once you submit the popup, you should come back to the parent page from where you initiated the popup?


I'm looking for it. UP!


Hi José and Renato,

Currently, the EPA task box doesn't provide that feature:

Would be nice to post one new idea here: (please search if there is no similar idea first).

Other option it would be to build on own task box:

With a custom task box, you have a way to extend the human activity properties and identify which ones should be opened in a pop-up or not.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards.