Update Action - How to get updated column names

Is there any way to get column names(which are updated) when Update action is called ?

It is Audit Requirement (Track entity Change). I need to track create/update/delete actions.



Hi Darshan ,

There i s no direct way to identify what all columns get updated after the action is being called. You can keep a track of what all values by comparing the old and new values before submit and save the changed columns old and new values in separate entity for history.



Thanks Pramod, I will try to compare 2 records then.

This can be best realized if you create wrapper functions for create/update/delete.

Then in the wrapper functions add an Aggregate and select the Record you are changing.

Compare this to the Input Record.

And you have the changed values (and therefore the columns)

Thanks Claring,

I will try this logic for comparison.