Customization of the web.config file that is written by outsystems

I have created an extension that uses a third party DLL. That DLL is expecting to read a few parameters from the web.config file. The data to be read is
<add key="PFPRO_HOST" value=""/>
<!-- Relative path to the digital certificate file. -->
<add key="CERT_PATH" value="bin/certs"/>
<add key="TRACE" value="OFF"/>

My question is how to make this add to the web.config file that Outsystems writes when the application is published, or do I need to manually go in and change it after the app is published to support these extra parameters that the DLL is expecting?

Hi Ken,
based on what you posted and assuming those parameters would not change according to which eSpace uses the extension it seems to me that your machine.config would be a better candidate for that information. That way you simply put it there once and never have to remember to configure a web.config in order to be able to use the extension.

Simply open machine.config and look for the appSettings element and place add those settings there.

Best regards,
Marco Cunha