select2 of webpattern

select2 of webpattern



I have one screen with listbox select2, I am binding structure list to listbox.(structure has IsSelected attribute as well)

There is one screen action I am using to collect the selected elements and I am providing this action in 'change'.

When I debug my application I see whole list empty in action, even Widget List is empty too.

What I am doing wrong or what is the correct way to pass the list to action so that I will be able to receive all the elements of the list and selected elements set as IsSelected = true ?

I am using select2 of webpattern.



Can someone reply who worked on this, I am waiting for reply.

I have the same problem.

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Hello Erick,

I was able to fix this.

Please find an attached oml.



Hi Durgesh.

"Processing Upload" yet, 30 minutes ago. This is normal?

Thanks for answer.

Not sure why its not getting upload.. Tried one more time..