SelectFilename CSS

I would like to make the selectfilename wigdegt button equal to the rest of the buttons in my OML that use a diferent style than original by default.
How can I make this change, to keep all the buttons with same look?

Thank You.

Hi Rafael,

The selectfilewidget renders an HTML input of type file, which in turns is rendered by the browser into a input box where you can type the filename and a "Browse..." button.

The problem is that the Browse button is not accessible via CSS, which is a known limitation of CSS itself. That is why you don't see a Button Style property in Service Studio.

After googling around a bit for this , I found one non-official way to get around this limitation. However, this is not a recommended practice and we cannot guarantee that it will work on our platform. Also, please keep in mind that it is not cross-browser, which can also be a problem. You can find the article describing the solution here

I sincerely hope this helps!

Gonçalo Gaiolas