Export to Excel


I want to use the 'Record List to Excel ' tool to generate an Excel spread sheet. The tool automatically populates the first row of the spreadsheet with the field names from the record list.

Is there any way to suppress this row?

Having populated the spreadsheet, I would like to automatically format the data. Is there a way of automatically formatting the spreadsheet? Can I specify a blank template and populate this? Can I add a macro to the spreadsheet and automatically call it to do the formatting?

Hi David,

First of all, the 'Record List to Excel ' widget does indeed populate the first row of the spreadsheet with the field names from the record list and there is no way to suppress it.

To format your data, I recommend you take a look Miguel Melo's post regarding “producing fully styled Excel reports" in http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?Topic=Sample%3A-Producing-fully-styled-Excel-reports

Nevertheless, your requirement has been registered in our database so that it's considered for implementation in a future version.

I hope it helped, have fun!
Is there any way to define the order of the outputted columns?

I believe the order of the outputted columns has to do with the order of the fields on the record list, so if you have a structure as output, you just need to order the fields accordingly to your wishes.

Note that, at least in version 3.1, you cannot set a label of an attribute of a structure like you can with table attributes. So you will end up with the attribute's name that you set in the structure, that can be an ugly name to show in a report.