REST API GET - input parameters


I test a REST API get in Outssytems with and I recieve the correct respons. When I close the Get dialog the URL path is strange: 

I also want to use input parameters instead of 9013CB and 8 and I created them.

But this happens:

What is the correct way of using input parameters with the URL path? I could not find this in the docs or did I overlook it.

Regards, Harry


in the popup of consuming the rest-method you should have an url like this{postcode}&number={number}

this will create input-parameters for you and it will work as expected.


Thank you for the solution!



I cheered too soon. I got an 404 not found (in production). This is why:

The created URL path (after closing the Get dialog) is


So I made it fit: 


However then the rest API get dialog (if you open it again) shows{postcode}&number={number}

So it's added an extra //

How to soilve this strange behaviour (if I strip the extra //.. in the dialog then the URL path shows it from ?.. again, so it seems to be a circle that I cannot escape.

Regards, Harry


Changing the URL to


did the job! Strange though..

Regards, Harry