What's New in OutSystems Hub Edition 3.2

What's New in OutSystems Hub Edition 3.2

I am proud to announce that version 3.2 of the OutSystems Platform will be released in early 2006 with several new and exciting features.

In the next few weeks the OutSystems Engineering Team will post summary descriptions in this topic to unveil what is coming in this new version.

I'm sure you'll enjoy!

Carlos Alves
Hi all,

I’m very proud to be the first of several posters presenting you what’s new in OutSystems Hub Edition 3.2. In this post I’ll be presenting the new Service Center.

The main goal with this new version is to improve the Service Center user experience and security procedures. With these drivers in mind we’ve improved Service Center’s usability by focusing, speeding and simplifying most common tasks users require to get their job done. Special attention has been given to the user interface, to make it more intuitive while at the same time providing more information. That’s what the OutSystems platform is all about: doing things better, easier and faster.

The new features you will find in Service Center 3. 2 include:
  • Improved security configuration – role based security with further control over what each user or role can do with each eSpace or Extension
  • A new look & feel – improved usability to simplify and accelerate all operations
  • Inline help– to assist you in the most common tasks
  • More control over timers – wake a timer, reschedule it or simply suspend its execution.
  • Improved log filters – to help you find the log information you’re looking for faster.
  • Recent items list – for a quick access to your most recently used screen
  • Online content – presenting you hot new samples and technical documentation available from the OutSystems Community.
Attached you can find some screen shots of the new Service Center

Have fun developing great software! More news soon...
The new version of Integration Studio includes out of the box SAP integration. In order to make this integration as simple as possible a wizard is available to guide the user through the entire process. The Wizard helps the user create the necessary connectors to SAP and allows him to select the desired BAPIS and structures.

Other features you will find in SAP Wizard for OutSystems Integration Studio include:
  • Dependency Aware – The selection of BAPIS and Structures in the Wizard automatically selects/deselects the necessary dependencies.
  • Undo and Redo – All SAP Wizard commands can be undone.
  • Detailed report - The SAP Wizard provides a detailed report of what is going to be created when the user finishes the wizard.
  • Compliance – The SAP Wizard is compliant with .NET SAP Connector 1.0 and 2.0.
  • SAP Namespaces – The SAP Wizard now supports SAP namespaces both for BAPIS and Structures.
  • Types supported - The SAP Wizard supports all the types available in the .NET SAP Connector 1.0 and 2.0.
  • Technical Note – There's a technical note available with detailed information on how to make SAP integrations.
Attached you can find some screen shots of the SAP Wizard.

Happy integrations!
Hello all,

When using Service Studio 3.2 you’ll notice a new feature in the toolbar: the “Run” button. You’ll find it right next to the well known “1-Click-Publish” button it allows you to run and test your eSpace much faster than you ever did.

Let me give you an example:

A very large eSpace, with 1.3 Mb, would take you 67 seconds to publish. Using the “Run” button it will take 11 seconds. An eSpace with 2.3 Mb that would take 164 seconds will now take 21 seconds.

Moreover, the “Run” button will allow you to run your eSpace in a private Personal Area, without compromising your team mates changes.

Once, you consider your modifications tested and complete you’ll use the traditional “1-Click-Publish” button to make them available in the Public Area (the Publish Version).

We hope that this new feature will radically improve your productivity and support a truly agile and collaborative development methodology.

Next week, we’ll let you have more news about developer collaboration! Stay tuned...

Carlos Alves
Hello all.

This week, it's time to unveil how the new Service Studio 3.2 enhances the support for developer collaboration with a revamped detailed difference viewer and merge tool.

Our focus for this new version was to enhance its' functionality, as well as to improve its' usability. As such, it is now possible to individually merge any item present in the regular Service Studio eSpace tree. Moreover, due to popular demand, merging references, stylesheets, screen and eSpace Javascripts are now just a click away (see '1 - Tree Viewer.PNG').

Usability-wise, the tool's main window has been redone so that you can access relevant information faster, as detailed and as seamlessly as if you were in the natural Service Studio editor environment:

Property viewers - Side to side property viewers under the differences' tree show the selected objects' properties, higlighting the differences.

Detailed viewers - Double-clicking any item that's double-clickable in the natural Service Studio editor opens the respective viewer, allowing for easier side to side comparison of actions, screens, stylesheets, queries, images and texts - useful for javascripts, stylesheets, large expressions or advanced queries (see attached screenshots).

Dependency checking - Whenever you choose to merge an object that depends on anything that only exists in the foreign eSpace, the dependency will also be brought over, unless explicitly unselected for merge. No more surprises when verifying an eSpace after a merge operation, only to find out that you didn't bring over that particular entity or action that everything depends on.

We hope that this set of improvements will make developer collaboration easier and faster, freeing you more time to focus on business functionality.

Attached you'll find a few screenshots of the new difference viewer and merge tool.