Moving an application and extension which uses external entities from dev to QA

Here is the scenario which I have:

1. On my development laptop (KAILUA) I have a SQL Server with a database called “AFC”.
2. I have an extension called AFC.XIF which has defined the interface to KAILUA.AFC.tables
3. I have an OML which has Entity Reference Actions using these referenced tables (AFCCORE.OML)
4. All works fine at this point.

Now I want to move my code to another Outsystems server for QA (HUBSERVER)…
1. I used the MS SQL Enterprise Manager and created a new database on HUBSERVER called AFC
2. I created a script that I ran that defined all the external tables exactly as they were on KAILUA.
3. I opened the AFC.XIF extension and reimported the entity definitions, specifying the HUBSERVER server and the AFC table.
4. I published that extension on HUBSERVER
5. I opened AFCCORE.OML and refreshed references for AFC
6. I go to verify and none of my Entity Reference Actions are valid anymore

Integration Studio

Is this the right procedure for moving an application from one outsystems environment to another which uses external entities?



Hi Ken,

External entities have a property called "Physical Table name" that you can edit.
In version 3.1, the right procedure for moving an application from one OutSystems environment to another is:
- Change the referred property for all external entities;
- publish the extension;
- publish dependent espaces (you don't have to refresh references)

Paulo Silva