Reading non standard data from excel

Reading non standard data from excel


This sample shows you how to use an extension that will allow you to read non standard data from an excel sheet without having to install anything on the hub node.
It allows you to retrieve multiple ranges at time, on a single call to the server.

The attached zip file contains the extension and the sample eSpace as well as an excel file to help you use it.
Many thanks to the nexcel library development team available at

Have fun!

here is a version with 2 improvements.
It works with accented and international characters and it reads the excel content directly from memory without using a temporary file.

This xif is for Outsystems version 4.0.
If you need it for a previous version this is what you need to change in your extension source when opening the workbook:

NExcel.WorkbookSettings l_WorkbookSettings = new NExcel.WorkbookSettings();
l_WorkbookSettings.Encoding = "utf-7";
MemoryStream l_MemoryStream = new MemoryStream(ssExcelContent);

NExcel.Workbook l_Workbook = NExcel.Workbook.getWorkbook(l_MemoryStream,l_WorkbookSettings);

where ssExcelContent is your byte[] with your Excel Data.

Here you can have it compliant with an hubserver 4.1