Right now, the intro starts every time the page loads. 

QUESTION: How do I control WHEN the intro plays? I plan on adding logic to show it the very 1st time the user logs in and THEN have a "Help" type button that starts the introJS on demand by the user.

For now, (see screenshot attached) I simply put the "IntroJS_Start" widget inside an "If" block and I control a local boolean and then use an AJAX refresh of that "If" block in a Server Action ... it's working okay but not sure that is/was the intention of the good folks in the OutSystems Lab. 


Also, I created a screen action that I want to be called when the Intro is closed and called it "ToggleIntroHelp".

I then put "ToggleIntroHelp" in the "callback_onComplete" ... but my screen action is not getting called (I turned on debugger to see - its not getting called).

Any clues?