EMC Documentum integration

EMC Documentum integration

Hi everyone,
I’m presently developing a pilot that will integrate with the client’s existing EMC Documentum installation and I would greatly appreciate any info you’ve got on this topic, namely, what kind of interactions are possible (document version access, etc.); which are the EMC Documentum supported versions; and are there any ready-made connectors publicly available from OutSystems or EMC.

Thanks in advance,
Miguel Candeias

I haven't done any integration with Documentum and Outsystems. I do not know if you already seen the Documentum developer website at http://dmdeveloper.com/articles/dfc/. It should help you.
I have done an integration with Documentum, in this integration was possible to read/write objects and validate user credentials.

There is one requirement for this integration, its necessary to have Documentum Client installed in the OHE server(s).

You can find the extension used for this integration in attach.

Can you tell’ me what version of Documentum you’re using?

Hi Francisco

The Documentum client version used was 5.2.5 SP1. This means that the server where the OutSystems Platform is installed, must have a Documentum client 5.2.5 SP1 installed as well.

Then, through the use of this extension, you can integrate with Documentum. If required, you can easily add new methods to this extension.

Hope this information helps


Miguel João
Hi João
Thanks for your help.
What do you mean by Documentum Client 5.2.5, do you mean the DFCs?
The only Documentum Client I know is the old Documentum Desktop Client.
We are currently using Documentum 5.3sp4, and most of our implementions are made using webtop.

I really don't understand what do you mean by "Documentum Client"....

Thanks alot,
Francisco Mota
Hi Francisco

We had to install the Documentum Client on the OutSystems servers, in order to access the DFC. This extension uses DFC to integrate with the Documentum system.

From what I could gather, webtop is a Documentum web interface, right?

How are you planning to integrate using webtop? Does it provide Web Services interface as well, using SOAP?


Miguel João
Hi João,

Thanks for your reply,
About your question, webtop is just the interface, it doesn’t integrate with anything, “per si”.
We are planning to integrate using the Documentum webservices framework, version 5.3sp4.