Teamwork (several developers, one e-space), maximizing productivity

Teamwork (several developers, one e-space), maximizing productivity


In our project multiple developers are working under the same e-space. Frequently changes are made, by any of the developers involved, and publishing (instead of run) is necessary.

Our productivity is negatively affected due to the “lost of track” on the other’s work.

What is most efficient way to work in this kind of scenario, minimizing manual processes and discussions of “who did what”?

What exactly do you mean by "lost of track"?

I suppose that when you publish your changes you'll Merge what you did with the version that was last published by your teammate (as suggested by the "Modified version detected" dialog in Service Studio).
That way, nobody's changes are lost, they are continuously integrated.

What I'm trying to do is raising the discussion about method, not about the "merge" as functionality.

When several developers work in the same e-space, and since run has some limitations, we should try to define a work method in order to avoid mistakes. Let me try to give you a common example:
1. Developer A downloads and works in version 1 of e-space X.
2. Developer B downloads and works in version 1 of e-space X.
3. Meanwhile developer B needs to publish due to a Data Model change. Now developer B is working with version 2.
4. Developer C starts developing in version 2.
5. Developer A finished his work and needs to publish in order to perform some testing before merging with the last version. If version one his published, version 3 will not be the “latest” version.

I think could use some kind of version branch, or, have run with no limits.