Combobox cut values in IOs


Created a Sidebar and included in it combobox to choose values but when clicking on the combobox the options are cut, as if it had aligned near the left margin and not within the Sidebar area.

Could you help me with how to solve this problem?

This problem only happened in IOS

In Android it´s Ok


Adriano Ceccarelli

Hi Rafael Freitas,

Can you open your application on browser & send me screen shot of inspect element

like this image  

Hi Rafael Freitas,

Try to add the css at the last of your theme css.

[data-dropdown] > div.dropdown-list
    left: 0 !important;  
    width: auto !important;
    right: 0px;


@Gopal Jite, there is the print

@kavita bagale did not work, see even print

Hi Rafael Freitas,

I see on your screenshot and I think its looking expected, kavita gives proper css & style are applied.

Is IOS showing same result or not? 

I tested this at my end and also apply style that provided by kavita and working good. 

Is it possible to reproduce same bug and send that oml?




Hi Rafael Freitas,

means you want exactly output like Android? or any?


The emulator presents no problem, even after the inclusion of css. However, in the IOs it had no effect, it continues with the same problem.

Hi Rafael Freitas,

Can you please share your Olm file. 

Hi Kavita

The project has dependencies so you will not be able to run the project with only the saved oml file. Will you still be able to open and run the project?

Hi Rafael Freitas,

Try to create new Oml file with this bug and send that olm file.