How to release a GetForUpdate action?

How to release a GetForUpdate action?

Suppose that you would like to perform a GetForUpdate and if one condition is valid you will do nothing with the record. Which is the correct way to release the lock?

Should you do a CommitTransaction?
Should you do a AbortTransaction?
Another suggested way?

Assuming that the lock used is a HOLDLOCK (“Hold a shared lock until completion of the transaction instead of releasing the lock as soon as the required table, row, or data page is no longer required. HOLDLOCK is equivalent to SERIALIZABLE.”)
I suggest using a CommitTransaction. It is the less dangerous action, if you perform a AbortTransaction, you should be carefully with the other database changes performed before the GetForUpdate.

Any one confirms it?
Hi Luís,

Yes, you are right, the less dangerous option would be a CommitTransaction in most cases, although it would depend on your logic. Another option would be to just update the record with the unchanged data.