Using Selenium Webdriver in Outsystems


I am looking into the possibilities to use Selenium webdriver in outsystems and i saw this article:

However when opening it says I do not have permission to go to this page. My question therefore is could you help me with information about using selenium webdriver in outsystems (in a java environment).



What do you mean by using?

- You want to test outsystems-apps with selenium?

- You want to create an application that uses selenium to test websites?

In any case, I think you should create an extension where you initialize the webdriver and start running those tests.

(Epimetheus is doing something similar but uses .net and targets for example stackbrowser to test, mind you it was an experiment)

Thanks for the reply,

I want to test and outsystems-app with selenium webdriver.

But I wonder how to do so, is there already something which I could use for that or does it mean something new has to be created in order to make use of the selenium webdriver?