How to retrieve a list of people in a group/role


What is the difference between Groups in Users Management console and System Group entity?

I added a group with 3 users in Users Management console, but I can't seem to find it in System Group. 

I try to get list of people with in a group to send email to, but I can't seem to see the group I created in Users Management console. I also try to get the list of people with a specified Role to email, but not sure how to do that. 

Please help.


Hello Tim,

Any group created in Users application (<yourserver>/Users) will be stored in the entity Group.
Than you have the entity Group_Role, that holds the association between groups and roles, and the entity Group_User, that holds the association between groups and users.

But, if you just need to select users based on ROLE, you just need to use User_Effective_Role.
This entity holds all the EFFECTIVE roles. The User_Role entity holds only the roles applied direct to users, not through groups.

Eduardo Jauch