Hi All,

The last 2 days I'm searching for a solution to hide or disable the soft keyboard inside an Android OutSystems application. Because we have a device which will have a hardware keyboard the soft keyboard will just take space and is unnecessary.

The Keyboard Plugin from the Forge has some functionality to play around with the Keyboard but can only hide the Keyboard if it's already open and the Cordova plugin behind it doesn't give functionality for Android to get an event before the keyboard will open.

I also found this article where the same question gets asked and the solution is to add lines of code to the config.xml file of Cordova.

My question: Is it possible to access and change the config.xml file or does somebody have any experience with hiding the soft keyboard in an Android application?


Hi Martijn,

Afaik, unless you're using a very old version of Android (4.x or older?), the on-screen keyboard shouldn't appear at all when you have a hardware keyboard installed. Are you sure that on the device itself both a hardware and a software keyboard can be used for input? Have you checked the keyboard settings to see if there's some setting to disable it? I would't think you'd need to do it programmatically.

Hi Kilian,

The Android version is 5.0 so that should be no problem.
The easiest way to solve it was to use the Null Keyboard, but this is more of a workaround than a fixed solution. But it's a hot topic on much Android development forums.