For the last 3 months, we’ve been working to improve the place where you can ask for our help whenever you need it: the OutSystems Support Portal.

And now we invite you to see the new changes. Take a look at the “Manage Cases” area and share your thoughts with us!  We also added new features to streamline your tickets workflow. 

Find out more in this article and get ready to embrace a new experience when managing a ticket (or lots of them). 

This is just the beginning; so stay tuned!

Ana Sequeira

It is very nice indeed! :)
Congratulations on the good job!

Eduardo Jauch


noticed the Support Portal is much more user friendly,

thanks for that,



It was awesome!

It's really looking cool!!

Wonderful. Great to see OutSystems investing in their own infrastructure and ultimately the community! Proud to be part of this ecosystem.

Hey Ana,

Looks good! Seems others like it too.

Congrats to the team!

Hey, Its looking good. Congrats!!!

Looks good. Well done.


 Uauuu ... Primeiramente o meu muito obrigado! Excelente!  

Thank you so much for everything!

Dear community,

A new feature was implemented. The new page "My support permissions" will allow you:

Access to all your Platform/ infrastructures and permissions. 

Easily see your support conditions, roles, and when your licenses expire.

You don't need to navigate to the account setting tool to access to our Platforms. It's a more seamless experience, especially if you manage many platforms.

Find the news here.

Ana Sequeira