Unreachable windows in Service Studio

Unreachable windows in Service Studio

There has been some feedback that sometimes it is difficult to recover a window position in Service Studio. This situation occurs when you work using a second monitor or a datashow. When you drag your windows out of your "regular monitor" the window is gone when you go back to one monitor only. To recover it, you must reattach the second monitor and re-drag it, which may sometimes be very unpractical.

The attached file solves this problem. Since all window positions are stored in the registry, this registry file cleans those entries and restores the original positions. All other settings are left untouched. To use, just download the file and double click on it. When asked if you are sure you want to add the information to the registry, answer "Yes".

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Another option is to use this tool:


Of course It does many more things besides repositioning a window....
If the window is not maximized you can also press ALT+Spacebar

This activates the window left menu, then choose move and use your arrow keys to move the window